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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Internet as a fundamental right

2018/01/17|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur|

In recent years, the Internet has become, almost everywhere on the planet, an essential tool for our day-to-day lives. The need to elevate this multidimensional and borderless means of communication to the rank of a fundamental human right is now evident to a vast majority.

3 Tips to Keep Your Learners Laughing With You

2016/11/13|Categories: Articles, Mylene Allard|

I remember the first training session I hosted. I was so focused on being serious and perfectly professional in front of an impressive group of university professors that I forgot to breathe (I’m sure if pictures were taken that day, my skin would reflect a lovely hue of blue).

Maximizing the Shelf-Life of Your Elearning Products

2016/11/10|Categories: Articles, Nishan Joomun|

With the emergence of new technologies and devices coming on the market on a regular basis, a major challenge for e-learning professionals is to keep content (graphics, audios, interactive content and videos) up-to- date so that it makes use of the newest features and allows the product to be competitive on the market.

Notes Across Media

2016/10/11|Categories: Articles, Doru Lupeanu|

Studies have shown that in instructor-based courses, note-taking promotes learning. Some authors even suggest that this skill is a prerequisite for effective acquisition of knowledge (Bauer & Koedinger, 2006; Kauffman, Zhao, & Yang, 2011). The same benefits have been found in online environments, although there are certain advantages and disadvantages specific to virtual spaces.

Talk This Way: Tips To Recording Good Quality Audio Narration

2016/10/10|Categories: Articles, Jesse Harris|

“And remember, honey: if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” my aunt would chirp enthusiastically at me during just about every family event throughout my teens and early twenties. Although this mantra worked on occasion, it pretty much flopped years later when I did my first audio narrations for an online course.

Collaborative Learning: Myth Or Reality?

2016/10/06|Categories: Articles, Yang Liu|

Collaborative learning is the act of distributing the responsibility of learning to the students. Despite that this instructional method has been widely researched and advocated throughout the professional and serious academic literature, the form of teaching is also enriching the genre of the old light bulb joke.