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Is your online training boring? Are you having engagement issues? Are your learners not passing their training?

There is a problem these days—learners prefer online training, but budgets are low and training is often dry, making it hard to stay engaged. But even with online training, the learner is often alone, not stimulated by other people around them. Distractions are easy and infinite with social media, smartphones, and the internet at your fingertips.

In this case study, KnowledgeOne and iSpring will guide you through different examples of branching scenarios, as well as different techniques to apply to your online training programs to connect further with your audience. View different examples of how you can apply branching scenarios to your learning, as well as use videos, quizzes, and gamification to further entrance your learners.

You will learn about:

  • Best practices for engaging your audiences with eLearning training
  • Types of branching scenarios using iSpring Suite 9
  • Analyzing and conceptualizing content for eLearning output
  • Branching scenarios we created this year


Novice to intermediate designers, content strategists, instructional designers, storyboarders, content creators, integrators, and production.

The technology discussed in this session:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, iSpring Suite, and Audacity.

Michael Cerantola, Integration manager at Knowledge One.

Michael Cerantola is an integration manager at Knowledge One. He began working in the eLearning world while Flash still reigned supreme. With the gradual demise of Flash over recent years (and its inevitable phase-out), Mike has spent years converting legacy content to display in HTML5 browsers. Working through custom designs, rapid authoring tools, and audio/visual, Mike has faced challenges including browser display inconsistencies and optimization for mobile data plans, all while keeping the source document editable for clients. It became clear to him that PowerPoint plus a rapid authoring tool was the arsenal of choice to keep production costs low while staying profitable.


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