Customized eLearning solutions

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Customized eLearning solutions

Our solutions are based on academic research and customer feedback.


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Serious Gaming blends gaming components into the learning process, to make it a more interactive and engaging experience.

Financial Analysis Courses

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Financial Analysis Courses

The Financial Analysis Certificate (FAC) includes courses broken down into easy-to-complete modules that cover the curriculum Level I CFA®..

Aerospace Courses

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Aerospace Courses

AerospaceU is a portal aimed to provide the aerospace industry with relevant online training programs.

Knowledge To Share

3 Types of Future Jobs

With the accelerated changes in digital technology, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI), the workplace is on the verge of a real revolution. As a result, a Californian think tank led by the Institute for the Future estimated that 85% of the professions that will be carried out in 2030 have not yet been created.

2019/09/11|Articles, Catherine Meilleur|


We are a learning and eLearning consulting company that designs, develops, deploys, evaluates and improves your training strategies and programs.

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Whether your organization needs technical training, corporate training, onboarding, or knowledge transfer, in online or face-to-face formats, our range of services is designed to provide you with the custom learning solutions you need!

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An effective training program includes 8 essential steps. From the stage of analysis and recommendations to the one of implementation, we use methods of design, development, and support repeatedly proven effective.


If you ask yourself how will we add value to your company, here’s a small list that could provide answers. If you have more questions or feel that we need to elaborate on some of these answers we are always a phone call or email away.

Do you have recurring equipment failures due to a lack of know-how or a reluctance to apply best practices? Your key staff is retiring, and you are wondering how to collect and pass on the valuable knowledge they have developed over the years? Your employees lack initiative? Do you feel that you are missing out on business opportunities and that these behaviors are so deeply rooted that you need to “revolutionize” your corporate culture?

A multitude of problems can affect today’s business. In turn, we bring forward cutting-edge solutions that can help you attain your business objectives.

Nowadays, everybody has access to information via the Internet; the population is more educated and more and more sophisticated technologies are part of our daily lives. Today’s employee is more demanding than ever about the training programs offered to him.

To be effective, training programs must meet a carefully analyzed specific need, target the right people and implement the strategy and learning solutions best suited to the situation and the target group.

We have the knowledge, experts and the best tools to create compelling first-class training.

These type of solutions allow you to focus your efforts, time and resources on designing targeted, comprehensive, standardized and sustainable training that can be followed by a large number of employees. It also allows the learner to progress at his own pace, according to his availability and his motivation, avoiding travel costs as well.

Thanks to its more sophisticated approaches, such as virtual reality, technology makes it possible to optimize learning at levels that are difficult to attain through a traditional method of learning.

As a bonus, the technology facilitates the collection of useful data, in particular on the effectiveness of your training.

The opportunities offered by new technologies are continually changing and can be fascinating and entertaining. On the other hand, when customized training is developed, what guides our choice of technology or a combination of them is the efficiency in supporting the learning aspects.

Other factors may also be considered, such as the cost of technology. Virtual environments, in particular, require significant investments, and as such, it must be ensured that this is the most effective option.

Rigorous analysis of your needs will allow us to propose the best solution tailored to your objectives.

Of course! In line with your objectives, we can assess the strategic effectiveness of your training programs, including a review of your tools, processes, documents and training staff.

Our report will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your internal training program and provide valuable recommendations to help you make it more efficient.

The knowledge and know-how of your employees are an essential part of the value of your business. Although intangible and unaccounted for, it is real. Do you benefit from its full potential?

A senior employee in a vital position leaves the ship; generations take turns, are you aware of the importance of preserving your assets? Knowledge transfer requires capacity, infrastructure, and relationships that go beyond the traditional approach of most companies. And because we do not all inherit the “teaching gene,” mentoring also requires coaching.

We have the tools to help you organize, create, capture and pass on this invaluable knowledge to your business.

With state-of-the-art, comprehensive and standardized training, you will build on your achievements, your efforts and your time. Do you have the means to do without it?

We would love to hear from you!


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