We are one of Canada’s leaders in higher education online learning and leading talent transformation providers.

With experience dating back to 2000, an international reach and thousands of projects and initiatives under our belt, we’ve learned that relationships, business and innovation are built on the collaborative spirit we develop with our partners, from sharing knowledge to devising innovative solutions.

We are one of Canada’s leaders in higher education online learning and leading talent transformation providers.

With an experience spanning since 2000, our global reach, and working across thousands of projects and initiatives, we’ve learned that relationships, business, work, innovation, strategy, and transformation are all about sharing knowledge, identifying needs and designing innovative solutions together.

We are the architects of eConcordia, the comprehensive online course platform of Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada.

We are the architects of eConcordia, the comprehensive online course platform of Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada.

We help corporations, associations, and educational institutions cultivate a future-ready workforce through skill-based learning using advanced educational technologies.

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To be a binding force for industry, universities and colleges, leveraging partnerships to promote skill transformation.

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At KnowledgeOne, we have consistently acknowledged and placed a fundamental emphasis on fostering an inclusive environment where every team member experiences a sense of belonging, appreciation, and the freedom to express their complete selves in the workplace.

Within our worldwide organization, we celebrate the individuality of each workforce member, recognizing the diverse range of perspectives, ideas, abilities, talents, and passions stemming from their origins, heritage, backgrounds, cultures, education, experiences, and life journeys. We extend this with a keen mission to our learning solutions.

We have several years of experience in designing and developing accessible and inclusive online programs that adhere to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and UDL (Universal Design for Learning). We have collaborated with Concordia University on Sexual Violence Awareness Training and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training to name a few. Through these projects, we are experienced in best practices, making us well-positioned to work with nuanced topics covering accessibility, inclusion, gender, racism, equity and diversity.

Our leadership team comprises seasoned professionals with a rich blend of experience in education, technology, and business.

Their visionary guidance and commitment to excellence drive our mission to transform learning experiences and empower learners and educators around the globe.

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Through his 30 years of professional experience in information technology, including the management of several large-scale computer solutions development projects, Robert acquired a strategic vision, as well as leadership, negotiation and change management skills in a multidisciplinary environment.

Before joining eConcordia & KnowledgeOne, Robert was vice-president of Knowledge Management and vice-president of the Global Training and Simulation Division for ten years at SNC-Lavalin.

In this role, he was responsible for ensuring that the division remained at the cutting edge of eLearning and simulation technologies and that the solutions offered to clients were delivered on time and budget with high levels of client satisfaction.

He was also the founding partner and vice-president of Devonyx Solutions, acquired by SNC-Lavalin to become the Global Training and Simulation Division as well as the founding partner and vice-president of the software solutions company UniGlobal acquired by CGI, as well as founder and president of the training and multimedia consulting firm INTÉGRATION.

Along with a master’s degree in media studies from Concordia, Beauchemin possesses a bachelor’s degree in communication from the Université de Montréal.

Robert is in demand as a lecturer and panellist in Canada and abroad. His seminars and workshops include topics such as “Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education” and “Gamification of Learning: The Application of Game Design Elements to Learning Activities.”

He currently serves as director on the Board of l’Institut de la francophonie pour l’ingénierie de la connaissance (IFIC) for the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.

He also sits on the evaluation committee for grant applications submitted under the Digital Educational Call for Proposals, sponsored by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec (FRQ) and also sits on the governance and finance committees of the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education for the Campus numérique du Québec initiative.

Victoria Della Porta leads KnowledgeOne’s business activities across various industries, with a focus on driving new revenue. Victoria ensures the efficient performance of KnowledgeOne’s operations, overseeing business and financial strategies, forging partnerships, and managing sales, marketing, product development, human resources, and customer service. In doing so, she constructs integral components of the business to guarantee seamless operational management and sustained profitability.

With over two decades of leadership experience in online learning, Victoria brought her wealth of expertise to KnowledgeOne in 2018. Prior to joining the company, she held strategic leadership positions, leading diverse teams in the creation of learning solutions for higher education, pharmaceutical sales, continuing medical education (CME), corporate skilling, and the nonprofit sector.

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Guillaume Perron is an experienced manager and executive focusing the last 20 years of his career in the field of elearning and training technologies. As Chief Operating Officer at KnowledgeOne he oversees operational management, technology development and several strategic initiatives.

Before joining KnowledgeOne, he was responsible for business development at SNC-Lavalin’s Global Training & Simulation where he was instrumental in consistently growing the business unit to multi-million dollar revenues through worldwide virtual training projects and advanced simulation environments.

Guillaume holds a degree in Economics from Université de Montréal and is proficient in four languages.

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Anik de St-Hilaire is the Chief Academic Officer at eConcordia where she works closely with the various Concordia entities to define the vision for online courses. She joined the team in 2015 as Vice President Academic Development, and in 2020 has been appointed to head the academic team to oversee the production of the online courses. She also sits on Concordia Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning.

Anik has a Master’s degree in Educational Technology and over 25 years of experience in training, elearning and multimedia production. She has worked as a director, project manager, production manager, and has led teams of instructional and multimedia designers in both academic (UQAM, UdeM) and industrial (SNC-Lavalin, Bombardier, Domtar) settings.

Since March 2019, Guy Dufour has been responsible for KnowledgeOne’s financial activities, information technology, quality assurance and compliance.

Guy began his career at Deloitte and held various positions for 22 years at Quebecor. Prior to joining Knowledgeone, he spent approximately 4 years with the Société des célébrations du 375e anniversaire de Montréal, where he was responsible for financial activities, risk assessment, negotiation of agreements and contracts with various levels of government, sponsors, suppliers and promoters, as well as management of public tenders.

Guy holds a degree in accounting from Université Laval (1985), a bachelor’s degree in accounting sciences from Université Laval (1986) and a master’s degree in management and organizational development from Université Laval (2010). He is a member of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec and has also received the CRMA designation (certification in risk management assurance).

In 2023, he was awarded the title of Fellow of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec. Guy has been a designated director of the Ordre professionnel des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation et des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec, and has also served as director, treasurer and chairman of the finance committee of several NPOs. He is currently director, treasurer and chairman of the finance committee of La Vitrine.

Prior to joining KnowledgeOne in 2017 as a Project Manager, Julieta worked at Canadian engineering giant SNC-Lavalin for 7 years, where she oversaw training projects on health and security as well as the operation of heavy equipment.

At KnowledgeOne, Julieta has been involved in a wide range of both academic and commercial projects. The clients under her care came from very diverse industries, such as Skillpad (pharmaceutical) and IATA (aviation). In 2018, she took over the advanced technology project Game Creators’ Odyssey, a professional-level, fully online training program on video game design developed by Concordia University in partnership with video game studio Ubisoft.

Julieta became a founding member of KnowledgeOne’s XR team when she oversaw the development of KnowledgeOne’s first VR project: Faubourg a M’lasse. Since its successful launch, Julieta took on her new role as Director of Learning Experience Technologies, spearheading KnowledgeOne’s growth in the XR field. Besides overseeing the XR team, she is also working very closely with KnowledgeOne’s top leadership to develop an effective business strategy and pursue collaboration opportunities with partners from all industries.

Doru Lupeanu is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in marketing strategy and research.

With a strong background in developing and implementing global marketing strategies, he is adept at analyzing market trends, identifying target demographics and creating campaigns that effectively communicate brand messages.

Prior to joining the KnowledgeOne team, Doru held various marketing positions in several sectors, from real estate to entertainment, journalism and various large industrial groups.

Doru also holds a master’s degree in marketing and management strategies, and has extensive experience as a freelance graphic designer and developer of brand identity guidelines.

We stand apart by centring our approach on the learner and the ever-evolving learning landscape. We forge powerful connections between educational institutions to empower individuals with life-changing certifications.

We are strong believers that the future of learning lies at the intersection of cutting-edge technology with innovative learning experiences. Our XR (Extended Reality) Studio is at the forefront of this exciting transformation keeping abreast of all things Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Gamification, providing a new dimension to learning.

Recognized for our innovative and impactful approach to education, we have been honoured with multiple prestigious awards over the years for our use of technologies in education and our effective instructional design approach.

These accolades highlight our dedication to excellence and significant contributions to advancing educational technologies and methodologies. To name a few:

  • The International eLearning Association Awards
  • Digi Awards
  • Canadian Awards For Training Excellence
  • Canadian Network for Innovation in Education: Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Use of Technology
  • Canadian Network for Innovation in Education: Excellence and Innovation in the Instructional Design
  • The Canadian eBusiness Leadership Award

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We proudly collaborate with a diverse array of esteemed clients and partners, ranging from educational institutions to corporate entities, in delivering top-tier learning services.

We enthusiastically engage with a diverse network of learning partners who enable us to deliver a wide range of innovative, high-quality learning experiences tailored to meet the evolving needs of learners in today’s dynamic world.

The collaboration between us and Concordia University represents a dynamic partnership aimed at expanding educational access and enhancing the quality of learning. Together, we combine cutting-edge digital platforms and academic expertise to offer a diverse range of courses, catering to a global audience and providing flexible, high-quality education tailored to the needs of modern learners.

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The innovative collaboration between us and Ubisoft merges the realms of education and interactive gaming. This partnership focuses on creating engaging, gamified learning experiences where educational content is seamlessly integrated into immersive game environments, making learning more interactive, enjoyable, and effective for diverse types of learners.

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SOFEDUC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, recognize and evaluate the quality of continuing education offered by public and private organizations in Canada in accordance with its quality standards. As such, KnowledgeOne is accredited to offer Continuing Education Units. These units are a standardized recognition of continuing education activities that meet a real need for both individuals and organizations.

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