When you are immersed in a learning adventure, it is normal to sometimes find yourself outside this state which certainly gives you a little dizziness, but which allows you to progress. This state is the so-called “learning” zone. However, this adventure, rich in emotions, also leads us to frequent less fertile areas. Here are some tips to get back on the right track of learning:

Comfort zone

The comfort zone includes what we know, recognize, control, whether it is positive or not, pleasant or not! You feel reassured, but you can’t progress. This is the area to which you return once you have mastered a learning process.

To get out of it…

  • Admit that you’re going in circles
  • Set new objectives
  • Identify your best motivations to jump into the learning zone
  • Put an accent on small steps

Learning zone

Wondering how you will manage to meet your learning challenges? This is a sign that you are in the learning zone! In other words, it’s a good sign: you can hope to acquire new knowledge, surpass yourself, learn about yourself! No matter what the outcome of your visit to this area, you will be able to learn from it.

To know…

  • This is “THE” most profitable area
  • To progress, you must revisit it often!

Panic zone

This is an area where emotions that are not conducive to learning take over: lack of self-confidence, fear of others’ judgment, excuses for not moving forward, etc. It is not so much the fear of diving into the unknown that brings us to this area as the fear of losing what we have or what defines us.

To get out of it…

  • Return to the learning zone by taking safe actions: consult your network for advice, look for missing knowledge, see how our knowledge can be applied in new contexts, etc.
Catherine Meilleur

Catherine Meilleur

Creative Content Writer @KnowledgeOne. Questioner of questions. Hyperflexible stubborn. Contemplative yogi.