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[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 10 crucial competencies for 2020

Creativity, emotional intelligence and the ability to collaborate are among the top 10 skills that will be most sought after in 2020, as well as, let's say ... tomorrow! In the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution led by the Internet of Things and digital technologies, it appears that the actual "human" qualities are becoming popular.

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Business transfers in Quebec: a major challenge

Business owners who will need to sell or transfer their businesses in the next 10 years are estimated at 30,000, a figure that some say is conservative. Put this number mostly on the fact that the “baby boomers” are beginning to retire.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Neuroscience: learning in 4 steps

While there are several valid teaching methods, the latest discoveries in neuroscience have identified four factors necessary for successful learning. Compatible with the freedom and experimentation that remain important in pedagogy, these guiding factors can be integrated into various learning approaches.

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Artificial intelligence: from manual programming to deep learning

If artificial intelligence (AI) rhymes with "learning" today, just a few years ago things looked very different. Although it was possible to identify print characters, play chess or make medical diagnoses using logical inferences from experts, the AI at the time was, however, laborious and limited since it required manual programming.

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[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] Does a sense of community matter in online training?

We are social beings: our need for belonging outweighs our need for dominance. Sharing with others and being part of a community is as fundamental to our development as it is to our survival. This social dimension is also the basis of our ability to learn, and the eLearning environment shouldn’t be a stranger to it.

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Education through the lens of neuroscience

Scientists have recently mapped the journey of a thought through the brain, and the craze for anything related to neuroscience continues to grow. Like many "fashionable" trends, it has been the subject of some drifts, with the prefix "neuro" being misused multiple times for marketing purposes.

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