[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Benefits of Intelligent Adaptive Learning for the Company

Powered by AI, intelligent adaptive learning is the most promising form of personalized learning in online training. It optimizes the chances of success for each learner by allowing them to follow a training path that adapts in real-time to their profile. After presenting three benefits of intelligent adaptive learning for the learner, in a previous article, here are three from the employer’s perspective.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Benefits of Intelligent Adaptive Learning for The Learner

The ultimate in personalized learning, the "intelligent adaptive learning" - "intelligent" because it is powered by artificial intelligence - can generate in real-time for each learner the most appropriate learning path to achieve his or her goals.

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Next-generation personalized learning

Personalized learning is not new; just think of tutoring, which has been around for a long time. Today, however, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), adaptive hypermedia research and the rise of big data, it has taken a distinctly high-tech, science-fiction-like turn. In its most sophisticated version, which can be described as "intelligent adaptive learning", it generates in real-time, for each learner, the most appropriate route to achieve their goals.

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Do humour and learning mix well?

Humour, an ingredient that, in the classroom, is most often spontaneous and dependent on the teacher's personality, but which deserves to be taken a little more “seriously,” given its potential positive and negative impacts. Without making an exhaustive analysis of the subject, here are some things to think about.

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5 Factors Influencing Memory Process

Our memory is undoubtedly one of our most fascinating faculties. It allows us to store information, to reason, to understand, and of course to learn! You may have already noticed that its performance is not always constant, that it can vary from one time of day to another, from one context to another.

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Olivier Palmieri – Beyond Gaming, Ubisoft Initiatives in Digital Education

Director of L'Atelier XR at Ubisoft Montreal, Olivier Palmieri is also the official trainer of the Rational Design Methods in the company. Expert in Gameplay, Game Design & Level Design, and Virtual Reality, he provided training programs in game design methods and levels for more than 600 Ubisoft designers already in position.

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6 Thoughts about Engagement in eLearning

When it comes to learning, the term "engagement" is never far away. Since we often refer to it, we might think that it is clearly defined and that its mechanisms are well understood, which is not the case. Before looking for solutions to optimize the engagement of learners in training, it is necessary to know what it is and what the research says about it.

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Artificial Intelligence: 3 Promising Innovations From Quebec

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more the subject of daily conversations. This technology, inspired by the functioning of the human brain, fascinates many, worries others while keeping many unaware of its concrete applications. Its possibilities are as numerous as they are diversified, as are the sectors in which it can be used.

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