Microlearning 101

2023-06-02T10:58:03-04:002023/06/02|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning|

Fast, versatile and engaging, microlearning is a significant trend in online education. This mode of learning, which fragments knowledge into "bite-sized chunks," is now taking on innovative forms to serve more structured online courses. In line with our technological habits, our information consumption patterns and our learning dispositions, its possibilities look very promising.

Five Teaching Strategies Backed Up by Neuroscience

2023-05-24T15:08:18-04:002023/05/24|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Learning, Neuroscience|

Neuroscience has made remarkable advances in unravelling the mysteries of the human brain. As our understanding of how the brain functions expands, so does our ability to apply this knowledge to various fields, particularly education. Instructors can create an environment that maximizes engagement and retention by aligning teaching strategies with the brain's natural processes. Here are five teaching strategies backed by neuroscience that can enhance learning experiences.

Micro-credentials under the magnifying glass

2023-05-18T15:36:31-04:002023/05/18|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning|

In the world of training, the prefix "micro" (for "very small") has been in vogue lately. You may have heard of microlearning, micromodules, or even micro degrees. This article discusses micro-credentials, a type of short, focused training and certification that is beginning to make its way into the post-secondary education system, including universities. The growth and diversification of online learning, the new training needs of workers and employers that have emerged during the pandemic, and the profound changes in the labour market are all accelerating the movement to integrate micro-credentials into higher education.

[VIDEO] 3 Mistakes to Avoid While Studying

2023-05-03T11:48:15-04:002023/05/03|Articles, Learning, Neuroscience|

Knowing more about how a learning brain works allows us to re-evaluate our approaches to teaching and studying. As we know, studying is just as important, if not more so, than attending classes. However, thanks to neuroscience, we now know that not all study strategies are equal and that some are counterproductive, even though they have been used for generations. 

4 Strategies to keep students engaged in online learning

2023-04-27T13:24:57-04:002023/04/27|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Learning|

The shift to online learning is a growing trend, even more so since the recent pandemic. However, its numerous advantages of learning everywhere and at any time have also been counterposed with a few challenges for educators and learners alike. Keeping engagement at a high level in online learning is one of the significant hurdles. However, educators may increase student engagement using several different strategies and methods. Here are a few of them that educators and online course developers could offer:

Motivation and Success from the Brain’s Perspective: Test Your Knowledge

2023-04-13T16:38:37-04:002023/04/13|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning, Test Yourself|

Considered one of the essential elements for success in learning, motivation is a remarkably complex phenomenon. Over the decades, however, the field of education has been able to draw on abundant literature on the subject to improve its pedagogical and andragogical approaches. More recently, neuroscience has provided new keys to understanding the phenomenon based on the observation of its mechanisms in the brain.

[VIDEO] 8 tips for using humour in the classroom

2023-03-29T12:34:35-04:002023/03/29|Articles, Learning|

Humour is as important to our individual psychological balance as it is to our social balance. The classroom being a microcosm of society, and the fact that we spend a good part of our lives there, it seems essential that this form of humour has a place there and that we take more interest in its effects.

7 elearning trends to keep you ahead of your competition

2023-03-16T15:57:03-04:002023/03/16|Articles, Jennifer McCance, Learning, Online|

As technology advances, the elearning industry rapidly changes. One of the key techniques for an organization to stay relevant and exceed clients' expectations is to be mindful of the industry's trajectory. Staying ahead of the competition is easier said than done. However, keeping in mind the current and future trends are surely an integral part. Let's examine some of them.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Microlearning, benefits and disadvantages

2023-03-08T11:42:48-05:002023/03/08|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Learning|

Microlearning involves delivering educational content in short, bite-sized chunks that learners can easily access and assimilate. While this approach has many benefits, it also has its disadvantages. In this infographic, we will explore some of them.

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