10 categories of generative AI tools

2023-09-14T17:15:26-04:002023/09/14|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Technology|

ChatGPT is undoubtedly the best-known generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool, but it's far from the only one... The number of applications powered by this form of AI and accessible to the general public continues to multiply. Using algorithms and big data, this type of AI can generate original content - be it text, image, audio or video - in response to user requests.

The Benefits of Interactive Branching Scenarios

2023-09-13T13:53:09-04:002023/09/08|Articles, Learning, Liam Byrne|

Educational Technologists use branching scenarios to provide learners with an immersive narrative experience that embodies learning concepts and allows them to make impactful decisions on how the learning journey plays out. This has some key advantages over more traditional, passive ways of learning, such as promoting learner engagement, allowing better retention, giving immediate...

The “Micro” Trend in Learning: Test Your Knowledge!

2023-08-31T16:24:12-04:002023/08/31|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Test Yourself|

In the world of training, the prefix "micro," for "very small," is all the rage. You may have heard of micro modules, micro-credentials or microdiplomas. Shorter generally means more flexible, more attractive, less time-consuming, more economical... So, concepts that put the "micro" in the spotlight are emerging to better respond to new realities, including the need for continuous learning. But in the midst of all this confusion, it can be hard to find your way around. Do you know exactly what microlearning is? Are you familiar with the concept of micro-credentials? Do badges ring a bell? Test your knowledge and find out by answering the following five questions.

10 Ways Online Learning is Reshaping Companies’ Training Strategies

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In the ever-evolving business landscape, training is a ubiquitous requirement for staying ahead of the competition. Especially pushed upfront by the recent pandemic, online learning has become quintessential to any company's training strategy. So, let's delve into how online learning is reshaping the corporate world, from onboarding to upskilling, fostering innovation, and enhancing employee engagement.

Simplifying AI…and Making Cakes

2023-08-08T13:04:41-04:002023/08/08|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Technology|

Artificial Intelligence is one of the buzz concepts of the last few years and its growing complexity makes it sometimes hard to wrap one’s head around. In simpler terms, it's about creating programs and systems that can make decisions, solve problems, and even recognize patterns on their own, without being explicitly programmed for. AI helps computers perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, like understanding language, recognizing objects in images, playing games, use patterns and trends within vast amounts of data to make predictions, and much more. To strip it down to its main stages, AI is like making a cake: you gather ingredients, follow a recipe, mix things together, bake it, and then you watch the results unfold.

Micro-credentials and Badges: Two Distinct Concepts

2023-07-27T15:38:47-04:002023/07/27|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning|

Short online training courses are gaining popularity, particularly among those wishing to acquire specific skills to add value to their professional CV. In this frenzy of new terms and concepts, some are misunderstood and sometimes confused. Such is the case with micro-credentials and badges. Let's take a closer look at what distinguishes these two concepts and why it's essential to understand their differences.

Deciphering ChatGPT

2023-07-20T11:31:22-04:002023/07/19|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Technology|

Since its release in November 2022, ChatGPT has been the talk of the town... digitally speaking. Developed by American company OpenAI, this "generative pre-trained transformer (GPT)" in the form of a conversational interface is considered the most powerful of its kind. Powered by the most sophisticated form of artificial intelligence, it surprises, amazes and worries with its performance in "cognitive" tasks that until now could only be performed by a human brain. While some see it as a revolutionary technology, it is clear that its accessibility to the general public raises major issues, particularly in terms of security and ethics. Here are a few notes to help you decipher it.

Award of Excellence and Innovation in Instructional Design

2023-07-13T11:46:16-04:002023/07/13|Articles, Learning|

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, online learning has emerged as a powerful medium for delivering knowledge and skills to learners worldwide. Within this digital realm, instructional designers play a pivotal role in crafting engaging and effective learning experiences. We are thrilled to share that one of our courses has been honoured with the Award of Excellence and Innovation in Instructional Design by the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE).

Micro-credentials 101

2023-06-28T15:28:47-04:002023/06/28|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning|

Micro-credentials are a type of short, targeted training and certification that is beginning to carve out a place for itself in the post-secondary education system. In recent years, UNESCO and several countries have taken a close interest in this concept, aiming to grasp its potential better, define it and integrate it into established education systems.

Upskilling workforce: 5 key areas to focus on

2023-06-22T11:34:48-04:002023/06/22|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Society|

At a time when the labour market is in a state of transformation, every company should ensure that it implements an ongoing strategy to enhance the skills and knowledge of its employees. When properly designed and deployed, this initiative usually results in an overall increase in productivity, innovation, and performance. Moreover, by demonstrating a commitment to the professional development of its employees, a company stimulates employee engagement, job satisfaction and loyalty. Without further ado, here are five non-comprehensive key areas a company should focus on when aiming to upskill its workforce.

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