A Mini Guide to Corporate Risk

2021-09-22T15:37:22-04:002021/09/22|Articles, Nicolas Labonté|

Let us face it; risk is an inherent part of any venture, be it the creation of an elearning course, a business or even a personal project. They say, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs,” and while I may not be a great cook myself, I tend to agree with it. However, in business (as in life), not everything is as predictable as making an omelet, which brings us to corporate risk.

The Social Dimension of Learning: Test Your Knowledge!

2021-09-17T14:58:17-04:002021/09/17|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Test Yourself|

Do you know what connected learning is? Do you know what factors are positively influenced by the social presence in online learning? Do you have any idea what types of activities are most likely to lead to informal learning in a workplace? Are you familiar with empathy pedagogy and collaborative learning? Test your knowledge by answering the following five questions.

Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Action & Expression

2021-09-08T11:20:37-04:002021/09/08|Articles, Erika Giraldo, Learning|

Finding your way through a learning path can be challenging, as we all differ in the way we approach learning. On top of that, expressing what we have learned might not be an easy endeavour for all of us. Language barriers, lack of organizational abilities, fear of public speaking or even movement impairments can hinder how we tackle a learning task — as such, providing options for action and expression is crucial for a learning program that wants to reach its entire audience.

Putting the Learner First: Test Your Knowledge!

2021-08-26T14:43:48-04:002021/08/26|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Test Yourself|

We no longer think of education without putting the learners first. In this regard, do you know what motivates them? Do you recognize the conditions that are optimal for them? What factors can inspire confidence in online training? And did you know that we think about them when we choose the colours of such training? Test your knowledge by answering the following five questions.

Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Representation

2021-08-20T11:33:18-04:002021/08/20|Articles, Erika Giraldo, Learning|

We all learn differently, among other things, depending on how the information is presented to us. Moreover, having any sensory disabilities (e.g., blindness) might prove that trying to deliver education in a unique format, however optimal that might be, will never reach its entire audience.

The Web from 1.0 to 4.0

2021-08-11T11:26:32-04:002021/08/11|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Technology|

Of the multiple generations of the Web, it is the second one, commonly called "2.0", that we have heard the most about. It is the one that marked the advent of the Web as a dynamic, participative and global platform on which the user became an actor. More recently, the labels "3.0", "4.0" and sometimes even "5.0" have appeared to mark the most recent transformations of this evolving Web; transformations that are not only technological but also sociological.

Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Engagement

2021-08-05T14:55:14-04:002021/08/05|Articles, Erika Giraldo, Learning|

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that uses scientific insights into how people learn to help optimize learning experiences by meeting the needs of all students (The Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) (2018)). In this article, I would like to expand a little more on the Multiple Means of Engagement guideline of UDL and its implementation.

The Learner and The Feeling of Self-Efficacy

2021-07-29T16:22:48-04:002021/07/29|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning|

The importance of self-efficacy can be summarized by saying that if you don't believe you have what it takes to achieve your goals, you are unlikely to succeed... More relevant than ever and used in many fields, this theory is also applied in education. Here's what every teacher needs to know about self-efficacy in the context of learning and what they can do to foster it in their learners.

The Teacher in The Past, Present and Future Tense: Test Your Knowledge!

2021-08-26T14:42:16-04:002021/07/21|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Test Yourself|

Do you have any idea what the teacher of the future will look like? Do you know how technology may surpass the teacher? Can you distinguish between the roles of coach, tutor and mentor? Do you know of any historical teacher role models who can inspire a redefinition of the profession? Finally, can you tell if personal characteristics that may seem trivial are actually assets to being a good teacher?

Rest and Recuperate Smartly

2021-07-14T14:12:40-04:002021/07/14|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning, Neuroscience|

We talk less about the importance of taking time off work than we do about eating well or being physically active. Our demanding lives and the performance culture we struggle to break away from mean that we too often ignore our signs of fatigue and persist as best as possible in our daily activities, whether we are workers or students. Difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation and mental wandering are part of our normality... However, numerous studies that have examined the consequences of depriving ourselves of rest and vacation time indicate that we put our mental and physical health at risk by ignoring these necessary periods of disconnection. 

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