Choosing the colours for an online training course is probably one of the most fun steps in designing for this medium. However, this cannot only be based on personal taste and the mood of the moment. In addition to knowing the rules of this art, research can now guide us further. Here are a few tips!

Infographic about the use of colors and learning

The scope of highlighting. Coloured highlighted text can attract attention and incite action. After one insurance company started using colour highlighting on its invoices, it received payments from its customers an average of two weeks earlier than before (HP Canada Study).

Better learning through colour. Colour could improve comprehension by 73% (Johnson, 1992) and learning skills, specifically the ability to remember a lesson, by 55% to 78% (Embry, 1984).

Green: Not just ecological. Green can encourage creativity (Lichtenfeld, Elliot, Maier, Pekrun, 2012) and can be a particularly compelling colour. This is the result of a study in which respondents were asked to indicate their level of agreement with neutral statements published in different colours (Hewlett Packard, 2009).

Chromatic moods. A red chromatic environment can help concentration, while a blue chromatic environment can stimulate intuition (Mehta and Zhu, 2009). Colour environments, especially warm colours, can promote productivity and fun in the workplace (Kobayashi and Sato, 1992 – Mukae and Sato, 1992). It remains to be seen whether this is true for digital environments…

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Catherine Meilleur

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