In a recent conversation with one of our clients, a major agro-food company, it struck me as interesting that one of the main benefits of eLearning for them is a means to ensure that every employee, regardless of where they are in the world, or which position they hold in the company, receives the same corporate messages.

The food transformation and processing industry is very mature in terms of market growth and penetration, and for most companies, this is made through the acquisition of other smaller players. Most major industry players today are actually made up of dozens or hundreds of companies. This consolidation presents an integration challenge to the acquirer. The acquired company should be integrated as efficiently as possible in terms of brand, processes, systems (ERP for example), procedures (Health & Safety), regulatory environment and certainly not least, company culture.

In some cases, the acquired company has a strong established brand and may for a while be left to continue running its operations somewhat independently. However, in most cases, full integration will be planned and expected to happen quickly. In that process, harmonizing company culture is a complex challenge.

Converting internal training to eLearning has multiple benefits, including:

  • Activity tracking, through a learning management system, ensuring that at all times learners’ progress or certifications can be audited
  • Cost and time savings regarding training-related travel
  • Availability, since an eLearning module can be accessed anytime, potentially from anywhere and on a variety of devices including tablets and even smartphones if applicable
  • Flexibility, as employees can learn at their own pace, and at the time that is convenient within their busy work schedule
  • Consistency, since everyone receives the same content, and in particular, the same corporate messages

This last point takes even greater importance for global world brands, which count on these consistent corporate messages to be understood and integrated by their employees, for the ultimate benefit of their clients and consumers.

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Guillaume Perron

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