Essential for learning, the motivation is even more needed in online training where the feeling of isolation and discontinuation can put a brake on commitment. By following a few principles, we can not only avoid this trap but also use technology to multiply the motivation of learners. See a few of our tips in the infographic below!

Infographic on learners motivation in online learning

  1. Encourage learners to show initiative. Participation and inducing a sense of responsibility for the learners are two of the most significant sources of motivation in online training!
  2. Promote peer connection. The social presence of other learners and the teacher has a positive impact in countering the risk of feeling isolated and disconnected in online environments.
  3. Guide the learners towards quality interactions. The mere exchange of personal opinions is not enough, it is necessary to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the learners, to engage them in instructive and productive activities, in other words in real exchanges.
  4. Put the learner at the heart of the action. Active learning (learner-centered) is ideal for stimulating engagement … and can be adapted for online training as well. Long live the case studies, teamwork, and discussions!
  5. Offer multiple communication platforms. Being able to identify various ways of interacting with other learners and communicating with the teacher can increase commitment in an online course.

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