Powered by AI, intelligent adaptive learning is the most promising form of personalized learning in online training. It optimizes the chances of success for each learner by allowing them to follow a training path that adapts in real-time to their profile. After presenting three benefits of intelligent adaptive learning for the learner, in a previous article, here are three from the employer’s perspective.

Infographic of 3 benefits of intelligent adaptive learning for the company

Intelligent adaptive learning makes it possible…

… to develop a culture of lifelong learning

Intelligent adaptive learning has the potential to attract and engage employees in a corporate culture of continuous learning, particularly because it is state-of-the-art and allows employees to acquire new skills without wasting their valuable time. By opting for such a system, a company demonstrates that it values innovation and that it is committed to providing its employees with the means to develop their careers.

… to improve employee training

An intelligent adaptive learning system allows the company to collect a lot of data on learner profiles, performance and behaviour on the online platform. The analysis of this data allows the company to identify more precisely how its training has to be improved in order to develop specific knowledge and skills among its employees.

… to evaluate the return on the training investments

Once again, thanks to the Big data it collects on the employees’ learning path, this system allows the company to know whether the efforts and money invested in training are paying off as expected. If not, it helps to identify better where changes need to be made.

Catherine Meilleur

Catherine Meilleur

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