4 Benefits of AI for Learners… and Teachers

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being integrated into digital learning. Some people are wary of this combination for fear, among other things, of seeing teachers dispossessed of their mission. However, AI can enable teachers to focus on the most complex and rewarding aspects of their work while improving learning effectiveness. This is because AI makes it possible to integrate the principles necessary for optimal learning, which neuroscience has confirmed in recent years. Here are four of AI's strengths that are a win-win situation for learners and teachers alike!

What AI Can’t Do (Yet)

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The performance of generative artificial intelligence (AI), which the general public has been discovering since the release of ChatGPT, is impressive, and not a week goes by without the appearance of new tools using this technology. Based on training data and thanks to a hyper-powerful mathematical system, generative AI can understand a complex query and statistically predict the best possible response, whether this involves solving a mathematical or scientific problem, coding, or producing text, image, audio or video. While AI experts predict it could surpass us on several fronts in the coming years or decades, it currently lacks some of the skills needed to compete with us on every cognitive terrain.

Artificial Intelligence: Test Your Knowledge!

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Do you know what kind of artificial intelligence (AI) lies behind ChatGPT? Did you ever think that you could understand AI by comparing its components to those involved in making a cake? Do you have any idea what inspired the development of the branch of AI known as deep learning, which has led to current innovations in the field? Do you know what is increasingly characterizing applications such as ChatGPT? Test your knowledge by answering the following five questions.

10 categories of generative AI tools

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ChatGPT is undoubtedly the best-known generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool, but it's far from the only one... The number of applications powered by this form of AI and accessible to the general public continues to multiply. Using algorithms and big data, this type of AI can generate original content - be it text, image, audio or video - in response to user requests.

Simplifying AI…and Making Cakes

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the buzz concepts of the last few years and its growing complexity makes it sometimes hard to wrap one’s head around. In simpler terms, it's about creating programs and systems that can make decisions, solve problems, and even recognize patterns on their own, without being explicitly programmed for. AI helps computers perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, like understanding language, recognizing objects in images, playing games, use patterns and trends within vast amounts of data to make predictions, and much more. To strip it down to its main stages, AI is like making a cake: you gather ingredients, follow a recipe, mix things together, bake it, and then you watch the results unfold.

Deciphering ChatGPT

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Since its release in November 2022, ChatGPT has been the talk of the town... digitally speaking. Developed by American company OpenAI, this "generative pre-trained transformer (GPT)" in the form of a conversational interface is considered the most powerful of its kind. Powered by the most sophisticated form of artificial intelligence, it surprises, amazes and worries with its performance in "cognitive" tasks that until now could only be performed by a human brain. While some see it as a revolutionary technology, it is clear that its accessibility to the general public raises major issues, particularly in terms of security and ethics. Here are a few notes to help you decipher it.

The Advantages and Potential of Virtual Reality: Test Your Knowledge!

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Do you know the advantages of virtual reality (VR) for training professionals? Can you tell what forms the feeling of presence in this immersive environment takes? Do you know that certain technologies can be integrated into VR to enhance it? Do you have an idea of how VR can be integrated into medical training and what therapeutic purposes it can serve? Test your knowledge by answering the following five questions.

5 points on VR in medical education

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To respect the ethical principle of "never once on the patient," simulation in various forms has been an integral part of the training of healthcare professionals in North America for several decades. Virtual reality appears to be the technology of the future par excellence to ensure the acquisition of a wide range of practical and experiential learning necessary for these professionals' initial and ongoing training. Here are five points that will shed light on the potential of VR for medical education.

A Conversation With Newton

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VR and AI Prototype: A Conversation with Newton is a fully immersive VR experience where the user can visit Isaac Newton in his recreated study room at Woolsthorpe Manor and have an unscripted conversation with him on any topic related to his life and work.

Education – Artificial Intelligence and 2023 trends

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A new year is starting to unravel itself. With it, the usual listicles of trends and prognoses about the future of different aspects of our lives are beginning to be abundant. With a focus on education, and instead of going down the usual path of what 2023 could have in store for us, I decided to focus on one aspect that started to make its presence felt and which, most likely, will continue to impact the way we learn and teach. However, there's a catch to my limitation to one subject article – bear with me.

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