The ultimate in personalized learning, the “intelligent adaptive learning” – “intelligent” because it is powered by artificial intelligence – can generate in real-time for each learner the most appropriate learning path to achieve his or her goals. This mode of learning, which is one of the most promising in e-learning, has many benefits for the learner, including the following three!

Infographic 3 Benefits of Intelligent Adaptive Learning for The Learner

Intelligent adaptive learning allows the learner to…

… maintain motivation

The learners are more likely to perceive their training as relevant and stimulating if they are exposed only to content that targets the knowledge they lack, moreover, through a pedagogical approach that suits their profile.

Weaker and stronger learners alike are also less likely to drop out, as is the case with a form of learning that targets the “average” learner. Remember that motivation is an unavoidable factor in achieving success on a learning path (see 8 key elements of learner engagement).

… optimize learning time

The learners do not waste their time on notions they already mastered and can thus devote all their energy to the learning they need to focus on. Not to mention the fact that once the learner has integrated new learning, the system detects it and adjusts accordingly.

… encourage the successful completion of the learning process

The learners chances of achieving their elearning goals are improved, not only because the learning system can adapt the content, presentation and navigation to their profile, but also because it is based on proven pedagogical methods (see Neuroscience: Learning in 4 Steps).

Catherine Meilleur

Catherine Meilleur

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