Our memory is undoubtedly one of our most fascinating faculties. It allows us to store information, to reason, to understand, and of course to learn! You may have already noticed that its performance is not always constant, that it can vary from one time of day to another, from one context to another. This is because certain factors can influence the functioning of this highly complex brain function, as we have discussed in a previous article.

Here are 5 factors that can influence the functioning of the memory:

  1. The degree of attention, vigilance, awakening and concentration.
  2. Interest, motivation, need or necessity.
  3. The emotional state and emotional value attributed to the material to be memorized.
  4. The environment in which the memorization takes place (location, lighting, noise, odours, etc.), recorded simultaneously with the data to be stored.
  5. Breathing… yes yes yes!
Catherine Meilleur

Catherine Meilleur

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