Brain activity in numbers

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Our brain is never really at rest. When it is not busy with a specific task, it can daydream or ruminate, depending on our mood, but it never stops being active. This is what neuroscientists have uncovered by discovering the functioning of its so-called "default" network, which is activated in a way that is opposite to the executive network that manages our high-level cognitive processes.

[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] How to help your brain “unplug”

2021-05-05T16:12:36-04:002021/02/10|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning, Neuroscience|

Difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, mental wandering... Does that sound familiar? Whether these signs appear during a day or more evidently at certain times of the week, month or year, they tell us that we are in need of a break. However, our demanding lives and the performance culture that we struggle to detach ourselves from mean that we ignore them all too often and persist as best as we can in our daily tasks, whether we are a worker or a student.

[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] The 3 Speeds of Thought

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In your opinion, is the human being first and foremost rational? This is a big question that can give rise to endless philosophical debates. But from the strict point of view of the sciences that study how our box of thoughts works, we have a good idea of the answer... even if we still have a lot to learn about this fascinating organ that is our brain.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Attention, in numbers

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As fragile as it is precious, our attention span is the basis not only of our learning but also of the accomplishment of all our daily tasks. In these times of overstretching, one of the first steps we can take to preserve and improve it is to get to know it better.

5 Factors Influencing Memory Process

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Our memory is undoubtedly one of our most fascinating faculties. It allows us to store information, to reason, to understand, and of course to learn! You may have already noticed that its performance is not always constant, that it can vary from one time of day to another, from one context to another.

Motivation: a driving force for learning engagement

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Motivation is the momentum that drives us to act and think in one way or another, a process that is both cognitive and emotional, influenced by a combination of factors that are internal and external to us. In learning, motivation is a sine qua non-condition to get involved, to engage in a traditional or online training path.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Deciphering the Brain

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This organ that allows us to be conscious of ourselves and others, to speak, to reflect, to juggle with symbols, to create, or to learn it never ceases to amaze us. It is our mainframe that gives us our human character, this powerful machine that no artificial intelligence can yet surpass.

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