Creativity, emotional intelligence and the ability to collaborate are among the top 10 skills that will be most sought after in 2020, as well as, let’s say … tomorrow! In the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution led by the Internet of Things and digital technologies, it appears that the actual “human” qualities are becoming popular.

Infographic of competencies for 2020

Top 10 crucial competencies for 2015

For comparison, here is the previous list:

  1. Complex Problems Solving
  2. Coordinating with Others
  3. People Management
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Negotiation
  6. Quality control
  7. Service Orientation
  8. Judgment and Decision Making
  9. Active Listening
  10. Creativity

3 major findings:

  1. The new workers have every interest in developing their creativity, a skill which will have more and more place in a world where technological advances allow us to reinvent everything … or almost!
  2. While artificial intelligence (AI) and robotization will replace us in tasks that can be automated – such as quality control, in certain areas -, the actual “human” skills – people management, ability to collaborate, emotional intelligence – will be very popular.
  3. In an increasingly sophisticated world, workers who can solve complex problems will always be in great demand, but they will also need to sharpen their critical thinking.

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