In elearning, unlike classroom settings, learners and teachers must approach the technological environment as an intermediary. Despite its undeniable advantages, the latter can pose obstacles in terms of communication. However, whether in the way content is presented on the platform or in the exchanges between learners and the teacher, communication is an essential element for the success of any learning path.

Fortunately, ways to optimize elearning communication can be applied to its design as well as after its launch. Here are 5 of them:

As soon as you access the training

  1. Make essential information accessible and printable

The course and the requested work schedules must be easily accessible to learners and offered in a printable format.

  1. Present all the assignments

All the required assignments must be integrated under a submission tab designed for this purpose, as soon as the training program is launched. It is also advisable to outline the instructions, remind the submission dates, and provide the evaluation grid (elements evaluated, the weight of each them and the scoring grid).

  1. Create a self-help forum

It is rare that the assignments requested do not require any further clarification or raise any questions from learners. To recreate the advantage of the face-to-face classroom where each learner can benefit from peer interventions, why not set up a dedicated forum to provide in-time answers to learners’ questions?

On a regular basis

  1. Keep the learners informed on their progress

It is a good idea to use the features of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) to send regular follow-ups to learners on their progress – results, but also congratulations! – as well as to remind them of upcoming relevant work, reviews, workshops or other events.

  1. Be “present” in the course

Learners must be assured that the teacher will quickly read their messages and respond to them in a timely manner. The “presence” of the teacher has a definite influence on the motivation and commitment of learners. The institution or company providing the training also has an interest in making its presence felt. In this regard, it has been demonstrated in the academic community that the regular use of diversified modes of communication promotes the perception of the educational institution’s presence among students.

Catherine Meilleur

Catherine Meilleur

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