Comic Books for Learning: The Case of Superman

2022-03-16T16:44:45-04:002022/03/16|Antonia Tripa, Articles, Learning|

Superheroes speak to learners of all ages in a way they identify with. For education, these heroes can “fight” for our learners by making references, metaphors, humour, and heavy content accessible in a way not many other fantasy characters can do. That’s because few other characters have joined the masses of multiple generations the way comic book superheroes have. To better conceptualize the application of such superheroes to education, let’s further explore Superman and what he could represent for learners.

5 Hopes for Our Tech Lives During A Pandemic

2022-01-26T15:44:34-05:002022/01/26|Antonia Tripa, Articles, Society|

With the new year well in place, curfews, isolation periods, schools, and offices closed, the thoughts on what the future will bring for our field of Educational Technology need to be reflected upon in a context of a pandemic. There is a clearer physical and mental health need to review our gear for our new offices at home. Our job definitions are currently morphing at the same time as our working conditions, and it seems as though we won’t have to wait as long to see the new generation of jobs that were never to be conceived before.

The fishy story of creative collaborations: defining aesthetics and getting lost in the process

2021-04-28T15:39:05-04:002018/04/23|Antonia Tripa, Articles, Learning|

Do semantics have anything to do with this? should have been the actual title of this post... Fishy? Keep reading, you will understand what I mean. This adventure all started with one simple question: Why do so many disagreements stem from the interpretation of words? In the professional setting of [...]

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