Using Various Analytics to Evaluate the Success of a MOOC

2018/12/13|Categories: Anik de St-Hilaire, Articles, Jihan Rabah, Research|

The world today is witnessing an increasing interest in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). This new form of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) is in the spotlight, particularly when it comes to the topic of the evolving nature of higher education learning.

A holistic model for student evaluation in online courses

2018/10/31|Categories: Anik de St-Hilaire, Articles, Jihan Rabah, Research, Wynnpaul Varela|

Elearning does not automatically make for better learning, nor does it necessarily guarantee superior learning outcomes. Many scholars have observed that a considerable amount of online learning in higher education has had but a mediocre impact on learner achievement.

[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] The importance of emotions in learning

2018/10/25|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Research|

Not so long ago, it was thought that learning was a strictly rational process in which emotions did not have a big role. This belief was formed together with a certain definition of intelligence derived from the "famous" IQ tests - yet designed to detect learning difficulties in children.

Assessment Practices and Students’ Approaches to Learning: A Systematic Review

2018/10/23|Categories: Articles, Jihan Rabah, Manasvini Narayana, Research|

In this research, we present the results of a systematic review of the literature describing how deep and surface approaches to learning are associated with different assessment practices.

[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] Do your employees know how to learn?

2018/05/29|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Research|

In this knowledge-based economy that technologically evolves every day, being able to "learn how to learn" is THE key skill of the new worker. Moreover, the strength of a company rests more than ever on its human capital.

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