[INFOGRAPHIC] Studying with Breaks: 3 Effective “Training” Programs

Studying is good, but studying with breaks is better! Like our muscles in physical training, the brain functions optimally if its working moments are judiciously combined with rest periods. And neuroscience has recently confirmed this.

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Learning and Forgetting: New Perspectives on the Brain

The brain is the most extraordinary of our organs, and although we are far from having unraveled all its mysteries, some of them have been exposed in recent years. The tools and approaches that allow us to explore it have made giant strides. Here are some current discoveries that should interest and surprise you!

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Behind the Scenes of Motivation

Motivation is a prerequisite for learning. It emanates from a cascade of processes and is influenced by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, including our personal history and experiences, our physiological state, and our environment.

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Metacognition 101

Based on its etymology, metacognition can be summarized by the ability to go "beyond" (meta) the "act of learning" (cognition). We all take advantage of it daily, in a more or less conscious way. However, developing metacognition is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your learning, regardless of its nature, and the first relevant exercise in this regard is to become aware of this ability.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Horizon 2030: Technology, Education and the Job Market

In the coming decade, technological advances are likely to fundamentally change society, starting with the job market and education. In order to better understand how to implement the "ideal class of 2030", Microsoft has conducted its research, the report of which has just been published.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Ways for Optimal Communication in Online Training

In elearning, unlike classroom settings, learners and teachers must approach the technological environment as an intermediary. Despite its undeniable advantages, the latter can pose obstacles in terms of communication. However, whether in the way content is presented on the platform or in the exchanges between learners and the teacher, communication is an essential element for the success of any learning path.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Finding Your Spot in the Learning Zone

When you are immersed in a learning adventure, it is normal to sometimes find yourself outside this state which certainly gives you a little dizziness, but which allows you to progress. This state is a so-called "learning" zone. However, this adventure, rich in emotions, also leads us to frequent less fertile areas. Here are some tips to get back on the right track of learning!

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[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] Why Are We Cheating?

Cheating is circumventing or violating legal or moral rules, pretending to respect them, in order to take unfair advantage of them. Cheating is everywhere: we have all heard of scandals that have splashed the world of sport, business, politics, etc. Many of us would also have cheated at least once during our school years...

Online Training: 3 Strategies for Optimizing Learners’ Workload

Whether we develop a traditional or online training, optimizing the learners’ workload is a delicate, but essential, process. It is necessary that the theoretical, as well as the practical content, allow the learners to achieve the objectives of the course without overloading them, at the risk of demotivating them.

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