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Self-Training: The Evolution of a Fundamental Concept

Condorcet advocated in the eighteenth century already, "the art of building oneself." Within the modern pedagogy, it was in the 1970s that self-training came into being, through psychology and sociology. Several theorists, mainly in France, the United States and Canada have contributed to the evolution of this concept, which we defined in this previous article.

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The Basics of Ergonomics in Online Training

Ergonomics refers both to the field of study and its application whose purpose is to make our life easier. To be more precise, this discipline tries to understand and optimize, in human-system interrelations, the well-being and efficiency of humans as well as the performance of systems.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Quebec’s Households and the Digital Technology: 4 Highlights

Where are Quebecers in their use of digital devices? This is the question that CEFRIO tries to answer each year with its famous NETrend survey.

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The Coach, The Tutor, and The Mentor: Distinctions and Interesting Facts!

The coach, the tutor and the mentor are popular terms these days! More and more companies are using them in their employees’ development, and individuals are using their services to progress personally and professionally. That said, they are often confused with each other, even though it is true that their work is similar in certain respects

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3 Historical Models of the Teacher… and Lessons to Learn

The identity and role of the teacher have moved through the times with remarkable stability. These have nevertheless known through the ages some variations, including the three archetypes, which Philippe Meirieu describes in the UNESCO report - Education and the role of teachers in 2020. In this regard, he identified three models: the preacher, the teacher-librarian and the master companion...

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8 Types of Memory… to Remember!

Memory is the essential brain function that allows us to develop a sense of self, to store memories, to reason, to understand, and of course to learn. We speak about it in the singular form, but it would be more correct to evoke it in the plural one. We understand now that it is composed of different systems which, although in constant interrelationships, are distinct and autonomous due to the nature of the information they store and the brain networks they use.

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