Learners who had not yet experienced elearning mostly had the opportunity to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in many cases, they were provided with video lectures rather than actual online education designed for this purpose. It was natural that learners would remember the loss of human contact, characteristic of a face-to-face course in such a context. However, since this is a limited perception of online education and this learning mode is here to stay, it is desirable to know some of its advantages. Here are five of them!

infographic on the advantages of online learning for the learner

Online training allows to…

  1. …design standardized training courses that rigorously apply the pedagogical approaches chosen. All learners are therefore entitled to the same experience.
  2. …offer the learner various tools and paths to encourage the emergence of pro-learning emotions.
  3. …give the learner a sense of control over their training.
  4. …create a user-friendly, attractive and interactive universe that the learners can make their own.
  5. …integrate various types of resources that are accessible at all times.
Catherine Meilleur

Catherine Meilleur

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Catherine Meilleur has over 15 years of experience in research and writing. Having worked as a journalist and educational designer, she is interested in everything related to learning: from educational psychology to neuroscience, and the latest innovations that can serve learners, such as virtual and augmented reality. She is also passionate about issues related to the future of education at a time when a real revolution is taking place, propelled by digital technology and artificial intelligence.