Teaching business ethics through interactive moral dilemmas

2023-10-20T15:02:42-04:002023/10/20|Articles, Case Study, Liam Byrne|

An engagement component is an element added to an online course to increase learner engagement. These are created by adapting university-level course material into engaging multimedia formats to augment the course offering. These components can allow students the opportunity to explore course concepts through a perspective not offered by traditional learning methods.

The Benefits of Interactive Branching Scenarios

2023-09-13T13:53:09-04:002023/09/08|Articles, Learning, Liam Byrne|

Educational Technologists use branching scenarios to provide learners with an immersive narrative experience that embodies learning concepts and allows them to make impactful decisions on how the learning journey plays out. This has some key advantages over more traditional, passive ways of learning, such as promoting learner engagement, allowing better retention, giving immediate...

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