[INTERVIEW] Foundations of Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism – Online Course

2024-05-07T11:36:53-04:002024/05/07|Articles, Case Study, Learning, Society|

In a world where inequality echoes and continues reverberating, education remains a powerful tool for enlightenment and change. We are proud to introduce a transformative online course we helped design to challenge perspectives, dismantle prejudices, and promote a deeper understanding of racism and anti-racism. Join us as we delve into a vital conversation with Dr. Delia D. Douglas, the Director of the Office of Anti-Racism at the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba, and the leading subject matter expert of the course.

The Crucial Role of Sexual Violence Awareness Training in Universities

2024-02-29T10:33:28-05:002024/02/29|Articles, Case Study, Doru Lupeanu, Learning, Society|

In an age where conversations around consent and gender and sex equality are more prominent than ever, the implementation of Sexual Violence Awareness Training in universities has become not just relevant but necessary. In Canada, the approach to mandating sexual violence awareness training and implementing policies in universities varies by province, reflecting diverse legal frameworks and institutional responses. However, these programs are pivotal in promoting a safe, supportive, and inclusive campus environment for all students and staff.

Teaching business ethics through interactive moral dilemmas

2023-10-20T15:02:42-04:002023/10/20|Articles, Case Study, Liam Byrne|

An engagement component is an element added to an online course to increase learner engagement. These are created by adapting university-level course material into engaging multimedia formats to augment the course offering. These components can allow students the opportunity to explore course concepts through a perspective not offered by traditional learning methods.

A Conversation With Newton

2024-05-28T12:30:02-04:002023/03/22|Articles, Case Study, Online, Ping Ng, Technology|

VR and AI Prototype: A Conversation with Newton is a fully immersive VR experience where the user can visit Isaac Newton in his recreated study room at Woolsthorpe Manor and have an unscripted conversation with him on any topic related to his life and work.

Virtual Reality as support for future teachers

2024-03-20T15:08:41-04:002022/09/21|Articles, Case Study, Learning, Technology|

The applications of Virtual Reality (VR) in education can create active experiences in increasingly immersive worlds and provide a safe environment for learners to test and practice situations otherwise stressful or, in some instances, dangerous. In this context and working closely with a team from Concordia's Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) unit from the Department of Education, we created a VR experience where students can prepare, in a safe and customized virtual environment, for their assessment interview with their mentor (either classroom teacher or university supervisor).

Using Photogrammetry to Immortalize a Historical Landmark

2023-09-26T17:20:42-04:002022/04/27|Articles, Case Study, Learning, Ping Ng, Technology|

How real can the virtual get? Quite real. Photogrammetry is a technology that allows us to recreate real-life objects and spaces in the virtual world while retaining photorealistic qualities and life-size scales. This article will explore how this technology works, why it can become a powerful tool for educators, and how you can leverage it in your curriculum designs.

Learning Old English through a gamified experience

2023-09-26T17:21:35-04:002022/04/13|Articles, Case Study, Doru Lupeanu, Learning, Technology|

This course, built for Concordia University, studies the fantasy novels of J.R.R. Tolkien alongside the works of Old English literature that inspired him, considering the grammar of Old English.

Game Creators’ Odyssey – Ubisoft’s recipe on game design

2024-04-03T12:00:14-04:002022/02/17|Articles, Case Study, Doru Lupeanu, Learning, Technology|

The Game Creators’ Odyssey is the gateway to an epic quest, where learners acquire gainful knowledge on game creation. They are challenged by design activities and rewarded with exclusive content. They also engage with fellow game creators, together, creating a strong community of practice.

Integrating Virtual Reality in Higher Education: The Faubourg à m’lasse

2023-09-26T17:22:48-04:002022/02/03|Articles, Case Study, Learning, Ping Ng, Technology|

Technology is rapidly evolving, and, in this context, it is just of matter of time until its multiple facets move in convincingly in the education field. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or even the implementation of Artificial Intelligence can provide various advantages to any curricula. However, the primary condition of a successful deployment is the reason behind the use of technology, and that is the learning objectives themselves.

Improving Online Readiness in Higher Education: A Case Study

2022-08-15T16:19:17-04:002018/11/20|Amber Judge, Articles, Case Study, Jihan Rabah, Learning, Online, Research|

This case study discusses the course eConcordia created for enhancing students’ self-regulated learning, self-motivation, study skills, and technological self-efficacy.

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