2022 learning and elearning trends

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While most of the elements discussed in this article are a continuation of efforts made in the previous years, we can look at 2022 under the umbrella of "nothing changes except our need to change." In other words, as an industry in general, education is a slow-moving steamboat hard to steer but one that, once reaching fast waters, is in dire need of suitable strategies.

2020 and the impact on education

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Disruptive, challenging, or from some perspectives even terrifying are just a few of the labels that can easily be attached to last year's impact on our society. First and foremost, hit by what it still is a health crisis, 2020 has proven to be a problematic year with wide-ranging repercussions on many levels of our daily lives.

Communication tools to increase engagement in online learning

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More than ever communicating in any online course is mandatory and one of the essentials means to ensure engagement in the learning process. While there are multiple options to keep in touch with your students or trainees, here are some key elements to keep in mind before choosing your tools:

3 Points on Transitioning to Online Learning

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The current coronavirus pandemic constrained many academic institutions to bring to a close all in-person classes and find solutions to move everything online, a process not only complicated from a technological point of view but even more so from a pedagogical perspective.

It Takes All of Us!

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This is a hard-to-write article, as the words seem to grab from the depths of my soul memories I fought for a long time to push back and forget, but that, eventually, I managed to process. It touches me on a personal level more than many of the people around me realize or even thought possible. And even now, laying it down in a few words sounds a bit eery:

Universal design for learning

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Have you ever been in a learning situation where the information wasn’t easily available? Now multiply that by ten or twenty, and you’ll get a small taste of what a person in a disability situation experiences day by day, at the hands of poor design in a learning or any other context.

3 easy ways to stop short of selling your course

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People tastes and needs are always changing, and every trainer is, and should be, in a continuous battle to make sure their courses can survive the market. There are, however, several recipes for failure, ways to ruin your chances of survival right from the start and those recipes are rather easy to follow!

The decline of education

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Almost a century ago, the French poet Paul Valéry declared that: “The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be”. Looking at the education industry in general, it feels like the perception we have about our future shifts continuously, and not always for the better.

5 Myths about Learning – Debunked

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No matter where or when it occurs, learning, as a process, is an important component of our lives, and trying to find better ways of going through it generated many significant improvements over the years. It also generated a myriad of false facts, and without further ado, these are our top 5 learning myths that are losing touch with reality.

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