Jesse Harris

Sync or swim: getting comfortable with synchronous elearning

Whether via SMS, chat, whiteboard collaboration, audio and/or video conferencing, or a combination of the above, these synchronous tools bring a vital sense of mutual presence (instructor and learner) and help create a sense of community in the eLearning classroom.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Why aren’t your students participating on the discussion board?

Trying to engage students in your online courses can be a hassle sometimes, with problems arising from the way the course is designed and up to the way you connect with them on a daily basis. Discussion boards, however challenging they might be, offer a good opportunity to extend the learning space beyond the general class contact hours.

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Talk This Way: Tips To Recording Good Quality Audio Narration

“And remember, honey: if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” my aunt would chirp enthusiastically at me during just about every family event throughout my teens and early twenties. Although this mantra worked on occasion, it pretty much flopped years later when I did my first audio narrations for an online course.

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