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[INFOGRAPHIC] Finding Your Spot in the Learning Zone

2019/05/17|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur|

When you are immersed in a learning adventure, it is normal to sometimes find yourself outside this state which certainly gives you a little dizziness, but which allows you to progress. This state is a so-called "learning" zone. However, this adventure, rich in emotions, also leads us to frequent less fertile areas. Here are some tips to get back on the right track of learning!

[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] Why Are We Cheating?

2019/05/14|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Research|

Cheating is circumventing or violating legal or moral rules, pretending to respect them, in order to take unfair advantage of them. Cheating is everywhere: we have all heard of scandals that have splashed the world of sport, business, politics, etc. Many of us would also have cheated at least once during our school years...

Self-Training: The Evolution of a Fundamental Concept

2019/03/05|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur|

Condorcet advocated in the eighteenth century already, "the art of building oneself." Within the modern pedagogy, it was in the 1970s that self-training came into being, through psychology and sociology. Several theorists, mainly in France, the United States and Canada have contributed to the evolution of this concept, which we defined in this previous article.

The Basics of Ergonomics in Online Training

2019/02/21|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Jihan Rabah, Manasvini Narayana, Wynnpaul Varela|

Ergonomics refers both to the field of study and its application whose purpose is to make our life easier. To be more precise, this discipline tries to understand and optimize, in human-system interrelations, the well-being and efficiency of humans as well as the performance of systems.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Quebec’s Households and the Digital Technology: 4 Highlights

2019/02/14|Categories: Articles, Catherine Meilleur|

Where are Quebecers in their use of digital devices? This is the question that CEFRIO tries to answer each year with its famous NETrend survey.

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