[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 musts for motivation in online learning

Essential for learning, the motivation is even more needed in online training where the feeling of isolation and discontinuation can put a brake on commitment. By following a few principles, we can not only avoid this trap but also use technology to multiply the motivation of learners.

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Universal design for learning

Have you ever been in a learning situation where the information wasn’t easily available? Now multiply that by ten or twenty, and you’ll get a small taste of what a person in a disability situation experiences day by day, at the hands of poor design in a learning or any other context.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 unexpected assets of a good teacher

This is obvious: to be a good teacher you must be knowledgeable and a good communicator. But these are not the only skills that can demonstrate the ability to teach ... or help to develop it. Here are 10 original ones to cultivate:

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 unexpected assets of a good learner

We all know that to be a "good learner" it is required to be studious, responsible and interested in acquiring new knowledge. But these are not the only skills that can demonstrate an ability to learn. Here are 10 important ones to cultivate as well!

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