It Takes All of Us!

This is a hard-to-write article, as the words seem to grab from the depths of my soul memories I fought for a long time to push back and forget, but that, eventually, I managed to process. It touches me on a personal level more than many of the people around me realize or even thought possible. And even now, laying it down in a few words sounds a bit eery:

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Using Various Analytics to Evaluate the Success of a MOOC

The world today is witnessing an increasing interest in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). This new form of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) is in the spotlight, particularly when it comes to the topic of the evolving nature of higher education learning.

The Coach, The Tutor, and The Mentor: Distinctions and Interesting Facts!

The coach, the tutor and the mentor are popular terms these days! More and more companies are using them in their employees’ development, and individuals are using their services to progress personally and professionally. That said, they are often confused with each other, even though it is true that their work is similar in certain respects

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[WEBINAR] Case Study: How to Engage Students with Branching Scenarios

In this case study, KnowledgeOne, using the iSpring suite will guide you through different examples of branching scenarios, as well as different techniques to apply to your online training programs to connect further with your audience.

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