[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Ways for Optimal Communication in Online Training

2020-04-01T11:20:19-04:002019/06/14|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Online|

In elearning, unlike classroom settings, learners and teachers must approach the technological environment as an intermediary. Despite its undeniable advantages, the latter can pose obstacles in terms of communication. However, whether in the way content is presented on the platform or in the exchanges between learners and the teacher, communication is an essential element for the success of any learning path.

Online Learning: Designing Assignments That Achieve Their Goal!

2020-04-01T11:20:35-04:002019/05/28|Articles, Online, Vanessa McCance|

In online training, instructional designers are often responsible for adapting a course previously given in a traditional classroom and designed for that context. This work requires more than merely transferring educational content to a technological medium. If we look at assessments specifically, which allow for the assimilation of material and evaluation of acquired knowledge, their design requires special attention.

Online Training: 3 Strategies for Optimizing Learners’ Workload

2020-04-01T11:20:54-04:002019/05/09|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Online, Stefan Krueger|

Whether we develop a traditional or online training, optimizing the learners’ workload is a delicate, but essential, process. It is necessary that the theoretical, as well as the practical content, allow the learners to achieve the objectives of the course without overloading them, at the risk of demotivating them.

Creating inclusive online training courses: follow the guide!

2020-04-01T11:21:13-04:002019/04/09|Catherine Meilleur, Jihan Rabah, Manasvini Narayana, Online, Wynnpaul Varela|

As elearning becomes more popular, it is opening up to an increasing number and diversity of cohorts of learners. To maximize everyone's chances of success and reduce inequalities along their learning journey, instructional designers should always take advantage of the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Online Training: 8 Anti-Cheating Strategies

2020-04-01T11:21:28-04:002019/03/21|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Online, Xiaojing Ge|

Given its particular context, online training may seem more vulnerable to cheating than face-to-face training. In recent years, however, it can resort to "anti-cheat" technologies with increased success.

The Basics of Ergonomics in Online Training

2020-04-01T11:23:52-04:002019/02/21|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Jihan Rabah, Manasvini Narayana, Online, Wynnpaul Varela|

Ergonomics refers both to the field of study and its application whose purpose is to make our life easier. To be more precise, this discipline tries to understand and optimize, in human-system interrelations, the well-being and efficiency of humans as well as the performance of systems.

[WEBINAR] Case Study: How to Engage Students with Branching Scenarios

2020-04-01T11:24:22-04:002018/11/22|Articles, Michael Cerantola, Online|

In this case study, KnowledgeOne, using the iSpring suite will guide you through different examples of branching scenarios, as well as different techniques to apply to your online training programs to connect further with your audience.

Improving Online Readiness in Higher Education: A Case Study

2020-04-01T11:25:16-04:002018/11/20|Articles, Jihan Rabah, Online, Research|

This case study discusses the course eConcordia created for enhancing students’ self-regulated learning, self-motivation, study skills, and technological self-efficacy.

Online learning: 6 types of interactions at play

2020-04-01T11:25:37-04:002018/11/06|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Online|

Learning and teaching involve several forms of interaction between different actors. In pedagogy, this subject has been studied from several viewpoints and has given rise to various theories, with the growth of online learning adding a new dimension to them. Here are 6 types of interactions inherent to learning and teaching, and their specifics in the context of online education.

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