Tips on Creating Clear Learning Objectives

2021-05-05T15:31:19-04:002020/06/30|Amber Judge, Articles, Erika Giraldo, Learning, Online, Wynnpaul Varela|

Defining clear learning objectives is a challenging first step when creating a course. Viewed as the backbone of many educational strategies, Bloom’s taxonomy is a teaching tool that helps you design a course based on the outcomes you want to achieve. By providing a clear focus, both the teaching and the learning paths become more coherent and easier to envision. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how we can use Bloom’s taxonomy in practice.

Improving Online Readiness in Higher Education: A Case Study

2022-08-15T16:19:17-04:002018/11/20|Amber Judge, Articles, Case Study, Jihan Rabah, Learning, Online, Research|

This case study discusses the course eConcordia created for enhancing students’ self-regulated learning, self-motivation, study skills, and technological self-efficacy.

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