[Case Study] Using Photogrammetry to Immortalize a Historical Landmark

2022-04-27T15:43:29-04:002022/04/27|Articles, Learning, Ping Ng, Technology|

How real can the virtual get? Quite real. Photogrammetry is a technology that allows us to recreate real-life objects and spaces in the virtual world while retaining photorealistic qualities and life-size scales. This article will explore how this technology works, why it can become a powerful tool for educators, and how you can leverage it in your curriculum designs.

[Case Study] Learning Old English through a gamified experience

2022-04-13T11:43:01-04:002022/04/13|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Learning, Technology|

This course, built for Concordia University, studies the fantasy novels of J.R.R. Tolkien alongside the works of Old English literature that inspired him, considering the grammar of Old English.

Meeting your learning objectives in XR

2022-04-08T17:22:56-04:002022/04/07|Articles, Learning, Ping Ng, Technology|

If you, like many in the field of education, are suddenly noticing an avalanche of information concerning the use and revolutionary potential of extended reality (XR) technologies in education and find it difficult to make heads or tails due to the endless stream of technical terms and lofty promises, you are not alone. Here are some guidelines to help you find your way around and clear up some misconceptions about them.

Comic Books for Learning: The Case of Superman

2022-03-16T16:44:45-04:002022/03/16|Antonia Tripa, Articles, Learning|

Superheroes speak to learners of all ages in a way they identify with. For education, these heroes can “fight” for our learners by making references, metaphors, humour, and heavy content accessible in a way not many other fantasy characters can do. That’s because few other characters have joined the masses of multiple generations the way comic book superheroes have. To better conceptualize the application of such superheroes to education, let’s further explore Superman and what he could represent for learners.

Stress and memory

2022-02-23T12:53:43-05:002022/02/23|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning, Neuroscience|

From encoding to recall to consolidation, stress can interfere with each of the key stages of memory. In fact, it represents one of the biggest obstacles to the smooth running of this process. Even once information is stored in our long-term memory, stress can momentarily prevent us from retrieving it. That said, the relationships between stress and memory are complex chemistry, some of which may surprise you. Here's a look at some of them!

[Case Study] Game Creators’ Odyssey – Ubisoft’s recipe on game design

2022-02-18T12:16:33-05:002022/02/17|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Learning, Technology|

The Game Creators’ Odyssey is the gateway to an epic quest, where learners acquire gainful knowledge on game creation. They are challenged by design activities and rewarded with exclusive content. They also engage with fellow game creators, together, creating a strong community of practice.

Neuroscience: 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Studying

2022-02-22T16:13:58-05:002022/02/09|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning, Neuroscience|

Knowing more about the modus operandi of a learning brain allows us to re-evaluate our approaches to teaching and studying. As we know, studying is just as important as attending class, if not more so. However, thanks to neuroscience, we now know that not all study strategies are equal and that some are even counterproductive, despite being used for generations. To guide you, here are three mistakes to avoid when you are in study mode!

[Case Study] Integrating Virtual Reality in Higher Education: The Faubourg à m’lasse

2022-02-03T17:04:26-05:002022/02/03|Articles, Learning, Ping Ng, Technology|

Technology is rapidly evolving, and, in this context, it is just of matter of time until its multiple facets move in convincingly in the education field. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or even the implementation of Artificial Intelligence can provide various advantages to any curricula. However, the primary condition of a successful deployment is the reason behind the use of technology, and that is the learning objectives themselves.

2022 learning and elearning trends

2022-01-13T15:33:55-05:002022/01/13|Articles, Doru Lupeanu, Learning, Society|

While most of the elements discussed in this article are a continuation of efforts made in the previous years, we can look at 2022 under the umbrella of "nothing changes except our need to change." In other words, as an industry in general, education is a slow-moving steamboat hard to steer but one that, once reaching fast waters, is in dire need of suitable strategies.

8 Proven Tips for Optimal Learning

2021-12-16T15:31:50-05:002021/12/16|Articles, Catherine Meilleur, Learning|

Our understanding of learning has made a quantum leap in recent years, thanks in part to neuroscience. This is in addition to a growing interest in more humane approaches to teaching that take into account the fact that cognition and emotions are inseparable, contrary to what we have long believed... So, learners and teachers, here are some tips from the latest research for optimal learning!

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